2014 Price Adjustments

To Our Valued Clients:

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with you. Our continued mission is to provide you with quality and overall value based on your individual pool care needs. As our Maintenance Division continues to grow, we are always striving to offer you consistent, competitive, knowledgable service.

Coupled with the rising cost of chemicals, fuel and overall business overhead, we are forced to restructure pricing in our Program Option Plans effective January 1, 2014. The modest changes will allow us to continue providing you the exceptional service you deserve while offering competitive benefits to our technicians.

After careful consideration and review, we are committed to stay within industry standards on pricing while keeping up with current market forces, so you will notice that the adjustments made for 2014 are designed to reflect and suit your overall individual pool needs based on size, personal usage, location, water features and pool systems efficiency. We are confident these new Program Plans will offer a more balanced realistic overall cost basis approach. Our hourly labor rates of $105 will continue to stay same for the 2014 Season.

Please read on to help you better understand the rising costs of chemicals as well as how each pool has individual needs and why your pool may need extra chemicals and/or labor attention to properly maintain on a regular basis.

Why Are The Costs Of Pool Chemicals On The Rise?

“Fueled by growing energy costs, shrinking supply and high tariffs, chemicals for the pool and spa industry have risen in price by 20 to 50% since 2005. The prices today vs. the price 10 years ago is 200 percent higher.” (*Source: Pool and Spa News)

Did You Know?

Our chemical supplier, Aqua Zone tm has a published a Pool Care Guide. To better help you understand many of the reasons why additional chemicals and labor are needed on an individual basis to keep your pool fresh and enjoyable throughout the season. Listed below are some helpful facts from this Guide.

  • Dogs and other small animals using the pool are equivalent to having a large pool party. One dog is the equals 50 people in the amount of contaminants introduced into the water.
  • Yard maintenance (mowing, spraying, leaf blowing) puts a large number of particulates into the air that settle in the pool. Lawn and garden chemicals and fertilizers introduce a significant amount of phosphates which then becomes and invitation and banquet for algae.
  • Parties load the pool with tanning lotions, hair conditioner, skin lotion, sweat, dirt, particles of skin hair, saliva and other things you probably don’t want to know about!
  • Rain will knock out the sanitizer by washing contaminants into the pool. A heavy thunderstorm can also cause a heavy load of nitrates into the pool which can cause problems controlling algae and maintaining a good sanitizer level.
  • Some daily use of your pool actually helps keep it cleaner by ensuring the water is well mixed, and any small particles are stirred up so they can be filtered out of the water by your pool systems. Therefore, infrequent use of the pool requires more chemicals to clean it.
  • Inefficient outdated pool systems create the need for more frequent chemicals and cleaning to keep your pool finish and water fresh and clean.
  • Cloudy water can result from all the above causes and may indicate poor circulation and/or filtration. It is also an indication that your filter needs to be cleaned or changed.

We hope this information helps you better understand why we are forced to restructure our pricing to reflect your individual needs as well as our company needs to serve you best. We welcome any questions or concerns you may have. Meanwhile, happy swimming!

Very sincerely yours - Brunetti Pools