Our Construction Process (9 - 11)

9. Equipment Installation & Plumbing
At this point your project manager will confirm your pool equipment location. Once the location is determined it’s now time to place your pool’s filtration and operating equipment and complete the pool plumbing installation. Brunetti Pools maintains high standards to insure your pool is plumbed properly to allow for optimum water flow and circulation.

Pool & Spa Equipment Pad

10. Electrical
The electrical connections for your pool equipment are made by a highly skilled independent licensed master electrical, who has a proven track record in wiring swimming pools.

11. Pool Finish & Fill
The interior pool finish is the final step in the construction process. Marcite and Quartz plaster finishes are a one day process and a PebbleTec exposed aggregate is completed in two days. At Brunetti Pools, we offer you two choices for filling your pool with water, either from your home or having water shipped in. Your choice depends on the cost of water in your area and the size of your pool and will be discussed and determined in advance.